Hosted by 1x1x1x1, Supervision by Dumgorillas,

Welcome to the X.Xmas Contest 2014!  [I might have msg you that I was going to do a contest but many didn't went online..]

This is where you can apply if you wish to join X.Xmas. You MUST be online at the exact time or you will be kicked from the contest (Unless changed of plans)


-You will need a Partner (No Gold and above, No 150 Wins on Level 30 without League unless acceptable

The contest will take place on Twisted Treeline. You and your partner must win at Twisted Treeline to advance to the next round, However if you lose then you are eliminated from the Contest. 

There will be Round 1, Round 2 and Round 3.

Round 1:

Since their is four teams, There will be two battles. The winning team will advance to round 2, and the other two team will be eliminated.

Round 2:

There will only be two teams left. You and your partner will go against the previous winning team on Round 1. The winner will advance on Round 3

Round 3:

This battle will take place on Howling Abyss. You and your partner will RANDOMLY Be choosen to be ether on Blue or Purple.

You will face against your partner to win the Prize.


-You MUST be on at the contest or you will be eliminated.

-Please respect the other teams, and Please don't be toxic.

-You are not allowed to pick the champion that is banned from this contest. You will be kicked from the contest if you choose to pick a banned champion.


There are some champion that is too op for this contest and will be banned just for this contest. The Champions are:

Velkoz (I'm sorry buddy)






Master Yi





Urgot (Too fat)

Tartic (Too Gay)

Galio (Too Gaylio)

Ezreal (Just creepy)

Talon (Your welcome)


And Teemo. I didn't forget about Teemo.

On Round 3, Any champion is acceptable, (So be sure to ban Teemo.. and Yasuo. They're scary)

The winner of the 1v1 will win the prize of a Mystery Skin/Champ! (If you haven't been my friend once you win the contest, Please note that we will have to be friends for two weeks due to Rito. Read the gifting rules of Rito for more infomation) Edit

If you wish to Apply, You can apply here:

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