PLEASE READ THIS TERMS OF USE AGREEMENT (THIS “TERMS OF USE” OR "AGREEMENT") CAREFULLY. BY CLICKING THE "ACCEPT" BUTTON BELOW, YOU AGREE THAT THIS AGREEMENT IS ENFORCEABLE LIKE ANY WRITTEN CONTRACT SIGNED BY YOU. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO ALL OF THE TERMS OF THE AGREEMENT, CLICK ON THE BUTTON THAT INDICATES THAT YOU DO NOT AGREE TO ACCEPT THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT (IF APPLICABLE) AND DO NOT PARTICIPATE OF BEING A BUTLER. You agree that I May not have the required Paychecks, and you will be off duty until I go to 7/11. YOU ARE ALSO REQUIRE TO WEAR A TUX (On Roblox) UNLESS YOU ARE GIVIN PERMISSION BY THE DEATHSINGER. You are expected to ether call me as Master, Unless if it's your day off or your on break. You ALSO have to have an ROBLOX Account. It is REQUIRE TO JOIN THE GROUP DEATHSINGER. You can NOT become a butler unless if you join the group. You must also have me on Twitter so we can contact outside of ROBLOX Or League. You are also expected to defend me (or 1v1 for me) without giving an order. (Unless if I order not to). You are also expected to not be greedy. I also sometimes will give you your paycheck on a different day instead of the day you requested to have your paycheck. In other words, I sometimes will give you your paycheck early. If you become unactive for a few days (Without telling me) You will be replace. You are also expected not to troll me just because you wanted to become an Butler (That Means you, DumGorillas) You may Also have to do applys again if this was updated.. if you were away or if you were not online for a day, You will have an extra day, As you will NOT GET YOUR PAYCHECK ON THE DAY YOU REQUESTED. It will Add up to the day you were absent. You are also expected to be online about 4 hours. If you were online for about 15 Minute or even an hour a day, You will be givin an extra Day. Unless if it's your day off, You will respect your master, Unless if Grim commanded you not to. You are also require to join the groups I'm in on steam. Whatever you posted on the apply will be use against you (Just remember this is all for fun). If you were only online for about 2 hours, You will be givin an extra day. If you haven't got a single command in a week, You can NOT get a paycheck. This is not the final Agreement, as this is only the part of it The Terms and Agreement is still WIP, And Not fully finish. By Pressing "I Accept The Terms and Agreement" You agree to the Terms and Agreement, and the future of it. (psst, you should prob go back to the Butler Apply)

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